Counselling encourages us to balance out our thoughts and emotions in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. It enables you to speak openly and freely about what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing so that you can work through key issues with clarity. Counselling will not only help you to resolve any problems you are going through, but will ultimately provide you with the power and inner strength you need to overcome them.

Counselling is both supportive and creative…

Our counselling sessions offer a complete holistic approach tailored to the concerns and issues you need resolving. Counselling is both supportive and creative when you need to make changes in your life that truly make a difference.

Together we explore what your personal journey has been, your thoughts and your experiences and what has led you to seek counsel in the first instance. Your situation and circumstances are unique and personal to you. Together we will identify the core issues you face, why you  have attracted them in the first place and more importantly, look to release blocks to positive living, giving you the freedom to be liberated.. 

Life Ascension offers counselling in the following areas:

  • Loss & Co-Dependency
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Fear
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low Self Worth  

Counselling can help you to:

  • Find your true voice and reconnect with your own divine essence
  • Work through limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors impacting your life
  • Empower you to discover your pure inner strength and courage
  • Liberate yourself for a more meaningful life
  • Experience a deeper sense of purpose
  • Become fully whole and complete 
  • Love yourself fully and connect you to your infinite passion to experience joy in life
  • Realise that you are enough
  • Live life with purpose

By recognising that we carry emotional blocks and patterns which create the story of our life, we understand that life situations can be difficult to work through especially when they are so close to your heart.  By working with and healing your heart, you create space inwardly so that new and positive energy can flow through you, elevating you to new heights of living.


Financial  Appreciation

Counselling can be facilitated during a personal appointment at my practice in Henley on Thames or in the comfort of your home via Skype. (Please allow 1 hour)

 UK  £60 for the session
 USA  $80 for the session
 Europe €75 for the session
 Rest of the world USA $80 for the session

 I look forward to connecting with you and working with you on your path of growth for higher consciousness.