Lightbody Therapy

Lightbody Activation – introduction

Our lightbody is the 5th dimensional bridge between our higher self and our physical and energetic bodies which is made up of mind, body, spirit and emotion. Our lightbody is the blueprint of  our soul.

The Light Body

Our minds have created a false sense of reality, an illusion of feeling limited and small.  We have forgotten the truth of who we really are. This is so that we could expand God Consciousness and play the game of separation, a contract everyone has taken at a soul level. 

…activate your lightbody, take full ownership of your life and your soul, and be fully connected to your divine

Feeling separate and disconnected is only an illusion, and one that can be broken. We have this sense off disconnection because within our energetic fields, there are a number of blocks, vows and programming which prevent us from raising our consciousness. These programmes carry uncomfortable symptoms as your body tries to absorb light, but the vows you took at a soul level prevent this light from entering your body. The more light your body tries to absorb, the more uncomfortable you will feel within your body.

We are here to rise in frequency and vibration, and in order to do this, we need to awaken our Lightbody and unlock our true powers. Lightbody Therapy removes the various energetic blocks, programming and vows taken, enabling you to integrate the Higher Light of your Spirit. By activating your lightbody, you take full ownership of your life and become fully connected to your divine spirit, shattering the illusion your current reality has created for you. Life will flow more easily and gracefully.

Lightbody Therapy consists of 6 sessions each of which are app 2 hours long and over a period of time to allow you to integrate the changes gracefully.