Activations and Recalibrations

Activations and Recalibrations

  • Activates dormant Light Language receptors and recalibrates Metatronic energy flows. This floods the etheric body with Light
  • Reconnects you more fully to your Oversoul (Higher Self)
  • Recalibration of 7th dimensional flows and structures is then undertaken to assist you to ground more of your Spirit into you physical body below the ribcage

Possible Effects:

 Feeling like the ceiling of consciousness is removed

 Clearer thinking, right and left brain synchronisation, non-linear thought

 Better dream recall, lucid dreaming, dreaming in dimensions higher than the astral plane

 More focus, self-confidence and centredness

 Gentle or sudden openings in psychic or multi-dimensional perceptions

 More experience of your Mastery and Divinity

 Alleviation of physical pain. Spontaneous physical, mental or emotional healing


Financial Appreciation

Activations and Recalibrations
 (Please allow two hours)

  UK £140 for the session
  USA $190 for the session
  EU €170 for the session
  Rest of the world USA $190 per session

 I look forward to connecting with you and working with you on your path of growth for higher consciousness.