Divinity Threshold Recalibration

shutterstock_332955833Crystal and Divinity Threshold Removal

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Constant headaches, migraines, chronic pain in the pelvis, hips, lower back or neck?
  • Digestive problems, heartburn or indigestion?
  • Do you struggle with fatigue, depression or sudden emotional outbursts?
  • Blocks in sexual or creative flow?
  • Changes in menstrual cycle and hormone balance
  • Lack of centeredness or grounding

If so, this is very common for those who are on a path of growth, or are raising in consciousness. As we grow, we develop energetic blocks in our body which manifest as pain and discomfort for us. This is because our body is trying to absorb the light, and tries to release the separation programmes. 

Divinity blocks place a limit on how much of the higher frequencies our soul can embody below our rib cage. These thresholds are located in our pelvic area, back and legs which are now overloading.

As we rise in consciousness the energetic devices become overloaded as pressure builds up which can manifest in sharp headaches, pains in the chest, muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, unexpected deterioration of hearing, vision or thinking.

  • Lightbody therapy work removes these structures and integrates the Higher Light of our Spirit with Grace and Ease
  • This Higher Light activates dormant parts of our DNA to eventually turn us into Beings of Light
  • New pathways are cut through our brains creating new ways of thinking and psychic openings
  • Our heart chakra opens to merge with all the other chakras to create our Merkabah (Vehicle for ascension)
  • This allows for a connection with and integration of Higher Consciousness in our personalities and bodies

Possible positive effects of Etheric Crystal removal / activation

  • Clearer thinking, right and left brain synchronisation, non-linear thought
  • More focus, self-confidence and centeredness
  • More experience of your Mastery or Divinity
  • Alleviation of your physical pain, spontaneous physical, mental or emotional healing
  • Better dream recall, dreaming in the higher dimensions
  • Gentle or sudden openings in psychic or multi-dimensional perceptions

Financial Appreciation

Pre-requisite Lightbody Therapy Body Consciousness Realignment and Archon Programme Removal

Each session is held in the comfort of your own home via Skype. (Please allow 2 hours for the session)

Etheric Crystal and Divinity Threshold Removal

 UK £140 for the session
 USA $190 for the session
 Europe €170 for the session
 Rest of the world USA $190 per session

 I look forward to connecting with you and working with you on your path of growth for higher consciousness.