Archon Programme Removal


Archon Programme Removal

When we are born, we are born with a second consciousness programme. This second consciousness is known as the Archon Programme  which holds us in a state of unconsciousness. It’s purpose is to create the illusion of separation. It’s the dark voice in your mind, constantly throwing in negativity, doubt, fear, feelings, of unworthiness, anxiety etc into your life to slow down your awakening process.

the Archon Programme is removed safely which creates more space within you to embody more of your higher self…

The Archon programme is held around your spine, neck and shoulders and each time you reach a point of awakening, it will often create symptoms of back pain, neck and shoulder ache and headaches to stop you from raising in consciousness. It creates a strong sense of resistance in your mind that totally throws you off balance, preventing you from moving forward on your path. The illusion of doubt.

The removal of the Archon Programme consists of breaking two vow / contract breaks. The first contract is the vow undertaken by the Archon Programme and your soul, and the second vow is specific to you and is channelled prior to your session starting.

Once we have broken the two vows, the Archon Programme is removed safely which creates more space within you to embody more of your higher self.

After the session, you should experience a greater sense of freedom, connectivity, relief and awareness, and be more confident in yourself.


Financial Appreciation

Lightbody Therapy – Archon Programme Removal is held in the comfort of your own home via Skype. (Please allow 2 hours for the session)

  Pre-requisite ~ Body Consciousness Realigment

 UK £140 for the session
 USA $190 for the session
 Europe €170 for the session
 Rest of the world USA $190 per session

 I look forward to connecting with you and working with you on your path of growth for higher consciousness.