Specialised Integrations

Specialised Integrations – introduction

As an integral part of your awakening process, the following specialised integrations may be required to free your consciousness.

Some of you may be experiencing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ME or Fibro Myalgia. These are usually a result of a combination of Lightbody mutational symptoms and emotional issues. These can be addressed through a combination of Lightbody Integration work and Divine Healing Master Key sessions.

If you are experiencing strong tension at the base of your skull and in your sacrum coupled with strong resistance to moving forward on your path, it could be the Nephillim consciousness within you triggering.

Are you experiencing;

  • a lot of non-human emotions
  • do you feel you are not responding in an appropriate way emotionally to those around you
  • that something is interfering with your consciousness
  • as though you are living almost on remote control
  • that you are being controlled externally
  • the feeling that someone or something else is experiencing life through you

If so you may be connected to a limiting Group Mind

If you have all of the following symptoms:

  1. 1.   A severe illness, accident, or deep depression
  2. 2.   A choice of whether or not to stay on the planet
  3. 3.   A nagging feeling that you may be very ill or dying
  4. 4.   Feeling like you are in the Void
  5. 5.   Feeling directionless

You may have had a Reincarnation-in-the-Same Body